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Hey guys!

My name is Jenny Summers and I love to write sexy stories. Cheesy I know but that’s what I do! I kinda focus mostly on Mind Control stuff but I also incorporate other fetishes in there that turn me on. These include but not limited to incest, big dick, anal, rape fantasies, and orgies.

I’m not 100% what this blog is gonna be about. I guess it will sort of develop naturally. I’ll probably put excerpts of new stories, announcements and that type of shit, I dunno!

But yeah, welcome to my site! I hope you enjoy the ride! As you can see, I have my own shop where I sell my books. I actually sell them slightly cheaper than on the major eBook platforms just because, if you buy on my site, I get everything and don’t have to pay anyone a cut :P. But feel free to buy or borrow on whatever platform ya like! Also, let me know what you think! I’m always lookin to get better at smut :P.

I’m open to anything so if ya want to DM me feel free and if you want me to write something specifically for you then I can! Email me at jennysummers690@gmail.com

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