Lesbian Hypno Sex: The Club


Lesbian Hypno Sex: The Club

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Lesbian Hypno Sex: The Club is the tale of an innocent young woman receives a mysterious invite to a private club. Little does she know that what awaits her is an orgy of lust and depravity that will release a sexual awakening like no other.

Excerpt –

Alice exploded, grabbing Lucy and screaming at her to fuck her. Lucy obliged and slammed into her cunt over and over, Each thrust more orgasmic than the last, the rhythm built up and blew her brains out. Lucy held her tight in her strong arms, kissing and biting Alice’s beautiful body. Alice got on top and bounced up and down on the 12 inches of cock. Sliding greedily up and down, soaking it with her juices. She looked down at Lucy who was staring at her amazing body as her huge breasts bounced up and down. Lucy grabbed them and played with her nipples as she rode her.

“Fuck it, baby, fuck it till you cum.”


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