Lesbian Hypno Sex: Vampire Invaders


Lesbian Hypno Sex: Vampire Invaders

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Lesbian Hypno Sex: Vampire Invaders is the tale of two sisters team up to battle the power orgasmic. Will they survive the Vampiric hypno-assault & save Earth or will they give in to their desire for each other & help to destroy it.

Another tale from the Mistress of Mind Control – Jenny Summers.


An excerpt from this lesbian vampire mind control novella…

Jenny moved lower, leaving a trail of soft wet kisses down the side of Amy’s neck. Every spot her sister kissed sent a tingling shiver through Amy’s mind. The warmth in her stomach was rapidly building to a fire that was spreading throughout her body. She knew with no small amount of shame that if she could move she would be moaning by now.

“How does that feel Sis?” Jenny cooed in her ear.

Without any conscious effort on her part, Amy let out a long low moan of pleasure. Along with the building sexual bliss that was now flooding her body was another new feeling, a desire to surrender. Something in her mind was telling her that this was right. This was how it was always meant to be. She was supposed to submit to Jenny.


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